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Chain Grease is basically used to lubricate the intricate parts of chains in cycles or motor cycles. Though several mechanics and workshops use ordinary greases for lubrications of these chains, this grease application may not provide necessary protection and lubrication for these chins. Chains have several small and intricate links connected and hence need deep penetration and long duration greases for good shelf life.

Chain Greases are special type of greases that uses very low viscosity oils to reach the internal surfaces. They should have sufficient body to maintain the lubricating film under the bearing pressure and usually solid lubricants only would help. Chain greases should be free from corrosive elements.

Lithium soap greases with low viscosity oils are blended with special type of micron sized graphite powders that provide good adhesion and extra lubrication for the chains. These greases are also called graphite based Chain Greases.

There are some good Indian companies manufacturing and distributing Chain Grease which is essentially used in cycle and motor cycle chains. Chain Greasealso finds application in cranes and heavy duty equipment. A penetrating type Chain Grease not only displaces water, but also cleans dirt and wear metals out of the pins of the chain and off the sprockets.