Rubcomp Automotive Rubbing Compound

Rubcomp Automotive Rubbing Compound

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Rubcomp Automotive Rubbing Compound

Product Features
Rubcomp automotive rubbing compound is a synthetic cutting compound that safely brightens and clean paint without the abrasives that could damage your clear coat layer.

Rubcomp rubbing compound removes minor surface paint scratches, swirl marks, water spots and heavily oxidized car paints and finishes.

Rubcomp rubbing compound will refresh and brighten the car paint surface that has been faded to sunlight and pollution. Wash your car using water to remove surface dirt and grime before using Rubcomp on your vehicle. Use only in well ventilated area.

Do not apply rubcomp under direct sunlight or on hot surface. Apply Rubcomp rubbing compound by hand / pad on the dried paint surface. use buffing pads to remove the contaminated paint surface and observe uniform surface gloss. It is suggested that you protect by waxing it using paste wax, brightening it with Rubcomp.

Unit Packing: 100g and 1kg.